Friday, 3 January 2014

5 Money Saving Tips for Car Hire in Melbourne

As we are all set to head to the tourist destinations for this holiday season, searching for the best accommodation and travel may seem as a daunting task. Often one of the frustrating aspects of your tour planning, making a wrong choice of car hire in Melbourne can sometimes break your bank. No matter whether you are planning a trip to this metropolitan city for having family fun time or for attending any business conference, you need to pay heed to every single detail of car renting services.

So, here are some money saving tips that may help you to rent a car in Melbourne that exactly fits to your budget. 

1. Go online: 
Yes, internet can be true guide whenever you are thinking about renting a car in any unknown city, state or even country. Just like the discount shopping deals, you can also find great offers and special offers in car hire while surfing online. Check multiple websites, compare it and pick the best option that falls within your budget limits.

2. Advance booking:
It is always good to start your planning and booking process in advance. Last minute rushes can not only leave you with limited choices, but also dig deeper into your pocket. So stick to the proverb, “The early bird gets the worm”.

 3. City or airport locations: If you are searching for cheap car rental in Melbourne airport, I must say that it would be a difficult task. Airport rentals often carry an exorbitant price tags because of the taxes levied by the government authorities and user fees. So it is always wise to choose a rental service from off-airport or city location. 

4. Avoid unnecessary insurance charges: Whenever you are planning to rent a car, read through the contract carefully. Most of the dealers would force you to include pointless insurance schemes, which would cost you more. So avoid such charges.

 5. Gas: You have to decide whether to choose prepaid or post paid gas-filling option. Most of the rental companies will give you the fuelled automobiles on the condition that the customer should return it with a full tank. That is why you need to check it by yourself before taking and returning the car to them. 

You can even make use of online discounts or travel package deals to avail the best services at affordable prices. No matter whether it is for cheap car rental or corporate lease, you can snag the best deal, if you are careful enough.


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