Friday, 28 June 2013

Corporate Car lease Melbourne – Benefit by Planning in Advance

Are you on a look out for a corporate car hire service? Your search ends at Advance Car Rental as we can offer you the best corporate car hire in Melbourne. New to the business city of Melbourne? We can take the hassle out of your Melbourne transport requirements. Our corporate car hire services can ensure an enjoyable and luxurious journey.

At Advance Car Rental, we pride ourselves in offering the ultimate in corporate car rental service at competitive prices. Servicing the entire Melbourne CBD, we can assist you with our reliable transportation and unrivalled quality car hire in Melbourne.

Our range of choices varies from economy cars right up to luxury cars to suit the diverse needs of customers. We even offer a monthly payment facility on our corporate car rental in Melbourne. Require assisting in selecting the right corporate car lease in Melbourne? Just give us a call and our agency manager can help you with expert advice and suggestions.

No matter whether you need cheap car rental in Melbourne airport to pick up your senior management official or a luxury car to arrive the special event in style, we have got it all covered. Rent a car in Melbourne and arrive at business meetings and functions on time. Count on us for professional and punctual services.

Wish to explore the magnificent beauty of Melbourne? Take out a ride with our weekend car rental in Melbourne. May it be for business or leisure purpose, let your journey be safe and enjoyable with Advance Car Rental.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Car Rental In Melbourne Australia – How To Find The Best Deals?

As technology is making bigger leaps, we now have the luxury of selecting from the diverse range of transport modes. Among those on road travelling choices, car is one of most sought after options nowadays. Even though, owning a car may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks to the car rental in Melbourne Australia as they can serve you with exceptional range of services.

You can book either a weekend or corporate car rental in Melbourne through online sites. How can you save your time and grab the best deals while hiring a car? Here are some tips.

Do extensive research: Don’t limit your search to the big names in the industry or companies suggested by the travel agencies. You can search over the web pages to know more about the car rental in Melbourne Australia.

Prefer off-airport location: If you need a cheap car rental in Melbourne airport, then you should take it from any spot away from the airport. Otherwise, the charges may include the taxes levied by the airport authorities.

Make advance booking: While planning a vacation trip or business visit, make sure to do the bookings in advance. Pre-booking of corporate car rental in Melbourne will save you from unnecessary rushes and hassle.

Keep a track on your demands: As the rental companies can provide you a wide range of choices, you have to make a selection as per your needs and budget. For a cheap car rental in Melbourne airport, you have to ask about the pickup and drop off locations.

Don’t forget to check the websites for discounts and exclusive offers, so that you can fully enjoy the trip without breaking your bank.

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Car Rental in Melbourne Australia for Your Travelling Needs

Melbourne airport, also known as Tullamarine airport is one the busiest aerodromes in Australia that acts as your gateway to the metropolitan city. If you are visiting this magnificent city for business purpose or leisure time, you surely wish for a car that reaches at the arrival terminal on scheduled time to take you to destination.

Have you thought about pre-booking a car rental in Tullamarine airport? It can be great decision that can save you from the hassle and trouble at the last moment. Renting a car for your journey would be the most convenient solution for you.

Internet is the ultimate source of information where you can search about car rental in Melbourne Australia. For sure, you are going to get overwhelmed with the long list of results. As we take only the first page results, still it would be a challenging task to select a company. You can visit every website and review their services.

If you are on a business trip, then check for corporate car lease in Melbourne. This would ensure that you arrive at meetings, conferences or corporate events punctually. Depending on your allocated budget expenses, you can settle on a deal. You can even try to find the best out from the exclusive offers and special discounts given by car rental in Melbourne Australia.

Giving you an instant access to the city through easy pick up and drop off facilities, car rental in Tullamarine airport can ensure personalised services for you. May it be a weekend car hire or corporate car lease in Melbourne, make sure that you inquire everything about the terms and conditions before signing the deal.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Car Rental Specials in Melbourne and have the best ride experience

Are you ready to get out and explore Melbourne vibrant city atmosphere at your own pace? Advance Car Rental provides you with an unprecedented range of car rental services in Melbourne Australia. With an exceptional level of customer service and cheapest car hire prices in Melbourne, we ensure you the best travelling experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

At Advance Car Rental, we pride ourselves on providing customers with an easy and hassle free service. May you are in look out for corporate car hire for business purpose or enjoying your leisure time, we can provide it all. Stay away from the stress of arranging car for hire and drop off at last minute with our Tullamarine Airport car hire services. From small and compact to luxury convertible, we have a wide range of vehicle categories for you to choose from.

Advance Car Rental can ensure you a great time in the city through our finest weekend car rental in Melbourne. It is time to try out our car rental specials and save your money and time. Make the best out of our exclusive car rental specials in Melbourne. Make a booking today itself!

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Tullamarine Airport Car Hire – Convenient & Time Saving

Lots of people flock into the city of Melbourne for various reasons. Known as a popular tourist destination and business hub, Melbourne airport is as busy as beehive. Whatsoever may be the reason for your visit, finding a suitable travel option is going to be challenging task. Car rental in Melbourne Australia can help you in this scenario.

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, then it won’t be an easy task for you to find the right public transport system soon. Roaming around an unknown city doesn’t sound better. It would be an ideal choice to search for Tullamarine airport car hire. Needless to say, internet is your best way to search and know such services.

You may come across diverse range of choices when it is about selecting the car rental in Melbourne Australia. Check the credibility of the company by reading their testimonials, services, experience, terms and conditions. Many of them even offer car rental specials in Melbourne on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

People who are visiting on a business purpose require luxurious or executive style of cars to create an impression. So you can go through the different options of Tullamarine airport car hire options given in the site. Enquire about the spots, as some hire services pick you or drop off at the terminal itself while some companies would leave you at a couple of blocks outside terminal.

If the plan is for having a memorable holiday time, then you can go for compact sized cars that accommodate your needs. Online booking services provided by the companies can save you from last minute rush and delays. Also, you can grab exclusive deals and save money through car rental specials in Melbourne.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gain Discount on Car Rental in Melbourne Australia Without Negotiating

Melbourne Airport Car, Car rental Melbourne Australia, Car Hire Melbourne

Most of us own a car, it is our vehicle to take us and our family to different places, it is in fact one of our most essential possessions. You cannot even think of leaving your house without your car. But when you are travelling to a foreign land like Melbourne, you will be not travelling with your car, you will have to look for an alternate for it, and car rental in Melbourne Australia will work out to be your best option, but little expensive.

Starting from Melbourne airport car rental, you will need a car for all the time you are here, hence you will have to think of a way to keep your car hire in Melbourne expenses lower. Negotiating prices for car hire might not be your cup of tea, but then you also have other options to save money. Coupons have become a way to shop for many, as for groceries and other things discount coupons are also available for car rental in Melbourne Australia. If you are able to find them either online or in coupon books then make sure to use them.

If you are a frequent internet user, you will surely come across some or other rental specials advertised by Melbourne airport car rental services. Visit those websites, or call them personally, you will surely benefit in some or other way. Similarly if you are a frequent traveler then inquire for frequent traveler’s discount with your car hire in Melbourne. Most of the companies have special discount schemes for frequent traveler make sure to benefit from them.

These are just some of the ways you can gain discount on your car rental in Melbourne Australia without negotiating hard with the companies.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Best facilities of Cheap Car Rental in Melbourne, Australia

Visiting Melbourne for business or vacation? Do you need car rental in Melbourne? Look no further than Advance Car Rental, a reliable destination promising the best car rental deals in Melbourne CBD, surrounding suburbs and Melbourne airport car hire. Whether visiting the most popular business destinations or vacation spots here, you will find us everywhere, all prepared with our cars to take you to places.

With us you have the option to rent a car in Melbourne that best matches your requirement, while our minivans would be perfect for a family on vacation, you also have the option to choose our SUV’s if you are on business. Starting from small, economy, convertibles, SUV’s, passenger van to minivans and pickup trucks Advance Car Rental has different types of them. Refer to our car rental deals in Melbourne to hire them.

All over Melbourne Advance Car Rental is known for providing cheap car rental in Melbourne services. Rent a car in Melbourne from us and be sure to benefit from our best deals, for our deals are not only designed to give you the best, but to give you the best for the lowest prices. We promise you best and the cheapest car rental in Melbourne services.  If someone else is offering you a better deal for your corporate car lease in Melbourne or any other, let us know and we would be sure to match it up at any cost.

Besides you also benefit from our special car rental in Melbourne, Australia deals designed especially to make your travel more comfortable at an affordable price. Vacation destinations on weekends are full packed, and it is during this time that most of the car hire in Melbourne companies will charge you more, however we work slightly differently, you can rent a car in Melbourne from Advance Car Rental even during the weekend for as low as $99.

And our latest car rental specials include a free day, yes you read it correct, you get to keep our car a day more for absolutely nothing you pay nothing for that additional day. Cheap car rentals in Melbourne are many but no company would be able to beat our free day offer, hire our Toyato Camry for 4 or more days at just $69/day and get one day absolutely free.

If you are planning to rent a car in Melbourne at the best prices then there is no company better than Advance Car Rental, contact us immediately on 03 9329 5000 or fill out our quotation form, and book your best deal today.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Corporate Car Rental for Saving Money

Travelling has become an inevitable part of our lives. Not everyone can afford a car, but that doesn’t mean they have to compromise on their travelling needs. Car hire in Melbourne can be of great help in such cases as it comes with excellent services and affordable prices.

Why you should rely on car rental services in Melbourne? You may need a car for various reasons.

Business purpose: We all know Melbourne is a busy business city; it would be a daunting task for you to find and catch a right public transport. Attending meetings, conferences, seminars or corporate functions punctually is essential. Relying on a corporate car rental would be an ideal decision so that you can reach the destination on time.

Pleasure: Being one of the favourite holiday spot, lots of people visit Melbourne every day. You don’t want to miss out the time and side seeing by wasting time for catching bus or any other public transport modes. Selecting a car hire service in Melbourne can help you to make the best out of your holidays.

Airport pick and drop off: Moving through the congested airports to book a car sounds to be troubling. However, you can book a car rental service that would pick you up or drop the airport without any delay.

Why you should spend extra money of taxis or gases when you have the option to enjoy your trip on affordable means? It is even possible to book corporate car rental services on lease basis that can save money of your business. 

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Types of the Car Rental Services – Finding a Best Deal

Are you looking for cheapest car hire in Melbourne services? If yes, then we are glad to inform that you have come to the right place. Advance Car Rental is committed to offering the best for the lowest prices. Whether you want to rent a car for business or vacation purpose, we guarantee our cheap car hire in Melbourne prices. Still if you find a service cheaper from ours then we would be sure to either match the price or beat the price.

Known for offering the best car rental deals in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs Advance Car Rental also brings to you excellent corporate car rental deals. When you hire our car for business purpose, you will not only have our car but will also benefit from our other complementary services sure to make your travel easier. Free pick-up and delivery in and around Melbourne is just one of the many benefits we offer.

Advance Car Rental believes in making your travel and stay in Melbourne as comfortable as possible, we understand you would not want to get into the hassle of finding yourself a car just out of the airport, to make it easier for you, we bring to you our Tullamarine airport car hire services. When you book us, we will be sure to reach the airport even before you land the land, and be prepared to drive you to your next destination here.

Whatever your need is you can rely on Advance Car Rental to find the cheapest car hire in Melbourne services. And we are always willing to accommodate customer special requirements, if you have any feel free to let us know.

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Monday, 17 June 2013

Corporate Car Lease in Melbourne – Benefits

We all love travelling, sometimes it would be a leisure trip or for business purpose. Whatsoever may be the reason, it would be an ideal choice to rent a car for it. If you are experiencing trouble with personal vehicle, then start searching for car rental specials in Melbourne. When it comes to business purpose, choosing a car hire service can be decisive responsibility.

You can look for corporate car lease in Melbourne that comes at great prices, personalised services and better convenience. According to your business requirements, you can finalise a car lease deal with car rental company in Melbourne, Australia. What are the main benefits of such leasing service?

1.    Save costs: With the increasing costs of automobiles, it has become an inevitable choice among management to go for car hire or rental services. Especially for businesses, it is a better choice to choose corporate car lease in Melbourne as it can save them from the tax expenses and other hassles.

2.    Discounts and offers: Most of the automobile hire and rental companies offer exclusive offers and discounts on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It would be so easy to take the advantage of the best car rental specials in Melbourne

3.    Hassle free service: While you sign a corporate car lease deal with a company, you can have a peace of mind. You don’t need to bother about the maintenance, repair, replacement and servicing needs.
4.    Set an image: Hiring a luxurious or executive type of vehicle can help you to set a new business image before your associates and clients.

Before you sign up for the contract with the car rental company in Melbourne, Australia, read all rules and regulations given it. Make sure that you are well aware of all the terms and conditions mentioned in the car lease deal.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Two Things to Remember to Find Cheapest Car Rental Deals

When travelling a foreign place nothing can be said about emergencies, a situation forcing you to opt for cheapest car rental deals can arise at any time. In most of the cases such a scene arises when you are at the airport, just arrived, feeling all fatigued, still looking for a car to take you to your hotel. While sometimes you would be able to find good cheap deals it is not always possible.

Then what you do to avoid such a situation? Best thing to do would be to plan your travel in advance. If you are going to Melbourne, make sure to check different Tullamarine airport car rental Melbourne services, even before you leave your country. When you do it from your home, before travelling the place you will have the chance to go through different car rental specials offered by different car companies in Melbourne and select the cheapest car rental deals for your needs.

But if in case you have not done this, and are now forced to select the cheapest car rental deals at the airport itself, then also you can work your way out to find the best one for you. First, remember not to accept the first offer that comes your way, listen to different people, and check their car rental specials. It is not at all necessary to go with the price that these travel companies quote, always, always negotiate prices. You will definitely come across someone willing to take you to your destination at a rate much cheaper than others.

Though booking your car rental specials in advance always helps it is still possible to find cheapest car rental deals if you are good at negotiating

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Chase the Cheapest Car Rental Deals

We are living in a fast-paced life where everyone is in a hurry. Arriving at respective destinations on time has become the utmost prior thing in day-to-day life. To meet this need, most of the people spend a fortune to own a vehicle. But not everyone can afford this. Thanks to the cheapest car rental deals that are gaining wide acceptance these days.

Just need to start your search for the cheapest car rental deals and you are navigated towards endless number of results pages. That would be a challenging situation, like experiencing deer in the headlights feel.
You may get confused which one to select from the long list of exclusive car rental specials.

With all those different options online, you need the best right? May be the following tips can help you.

1.    Prices: It is the most important factor, as you don’t need to break the bank by selecting expensive car rental specials. Do enough research regarding the current market prices, taxes and insurance charges. If you are looking for a car hire Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, you need to also search about the airport taxes levied by the local government.

2.    Discounts : Most of the rental companies offer car rental specials and discount offers on a daily or weekly basis. Click around the web for hours to hunt the best deal for you.  Make sure you get the best deal from the never-ending set of offers.

3.    Services: Before signing the contract, ask about their inclusive and exclusive services. If you are booking car hire from Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, ask about pick up and drop off facilities. Do the math and be clear about the taxes, surcharges and insurance rates.

4.    Condition of vehicle: May you are booking a luxury vehicle or cheapest car rental deals, you need to make sure about the condition and performance. Check whether there are any damages or mechanical faults with the car.

May be you are planning a trip to your holiday destination this weekend or have to reach the corporate event on time, you can rely on the corporate car hire, weekend car rental or  car hire Tullamarine airport in Melbourne.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cheap Car Rental in Melbourne – Benefit by Planning in Advance

Do you plan to visit Melbourne for some office work and are looking for corporate car rental here? Then internet can be your best guide to help book your travels hassle free. Most of the travel companies today have their own websites containing all information about them, their services and prices. Besides they are also available on call any time of the day.

However as a consumer your quest will always be to find the best deal that represents a good combination of services for the best prices and here is where the problem arises, how do you go about booking cheap car rental in Melbourne so that you will benefit from them the most. The best thing to do is to plan your travel in advance and when you will do so you will have enough time to compare, know what each one of them is offering and strike the best deal.

Many would not agree with this idea for they believe it is more beneficial to book such services after reaching the place, in that way they can find cheaper deals. But this is not always true, and even if it is so, you need to ask, would you like to go through all the hassle of finding yourself a vehicle to take you to your hotel after travelling for so many hours.

You will be so tired from all that travelling that your mind and body will not support you, and you might even make a wrong choice in all the blurry. However if you would have checked cheap car rental Melbourne airport and pre-booked their services, then you would be pleased to find a cab already waiting for you at the airport to receive you and take you to your hotel. This makes it clear that it is more beneficial to book your cab in advance then thinking of doing so after reaching the place.

Each minute is precious when on a business tour, you cannot afford to lose time searching for cabs to take you to your next destination. In such cases also it helps to book your corporate car rental in advance, it will ensure you have a car waiting for you when it is time to travel for your business purpose. Car rental deals in Melbourne Australia and similar others are offered by almost every travel company, check them all carefully before you plan your travel here, to benefit from them the maximum.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Benefit From Rental Deals in Melbourne – Plan Your Travel in Advance

Have you planned well for your travel to Melbourne? Most of you would say yes and I would have taken it for an answer if I was hinting at your luggage, packing all things you will need at the new place. But that is not what I mean to ask, my question is hinted more towards planning your travel, that is have you checked car rental deals in Melbourne and booked the best deals for your travel, or have left that to the last minute.

From the time you will land the Tullamarine airport to the time you will stay in Melbourne, you will need a vehicle to take you places. What would you prefer, would you prefer to search for Tullamarine airport car hire, all tired from travelling and carrying your luggage from one place to other, or someone waiting for you at the airport, ready with his car to take you to your hotel? Of course you will choose the second option, after all who likes to work a tired mind. You will be able to save yourself from all the hassle only if you planned your travel well.

Most of the travel companies claim that they have the best car rental deals in Melbourne and booking a vehicle with them is easy, you just need to walk in, select a car of your choice, and leave for your next destination. But in reality it is not so simple, you might face more problems than you expected when you actually start your search for car rental specials in Melbourne and booked one for yourself. However internet makes it all easier for you, with it you can make your travel arrangements sitting at your place for somewhere in Melbourne.

To benefit the most from car rental specials in Melbourne, it is important that you check offers from different companies, compare them, and pick the best for you. Do not be lazy here, it might cost you your money. If possible read some articles to help you with your task. Most important among all things is to plan your travel well in advance to benefit the most from car rental deals in Melbourne

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