Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Corporate Car Lease in Melbourne – Avoid Rip Offs

Are you planning corporate car lease in Melbourne for your next business travel? If yes, beware of hidden costs, which might add a few more dollars to your car rental in Melbourne, Australia, that is you will end up paying lot more than the actual quoted price. Whether you are asking for an additional driver, a car seat or an additional insurance cover, all these will add some more dollars to the quoted price.

But then how do you save yourself from falling into such a trap? Best way to make sure you do not end up paying all that extra money, is to be careful with your hiring decisions. Use internet, read some rip off articles on car rental specials, learn how people are cheated and educate yourself. While this exercise might be futile if you were looking for Tullamarine airport car rental, as in that case you will be paying for a one time journey and for a fixed destination, it is extremely beneficial when you are looking for corporate car lease in Melbourne, when you will be hiring the car for longer duration and longer journeys.

Car rental specials look lucrative, you are tempted to opt for them instantly, infact they are designed to lure you. When you look at them, the first thing you will notice is the amount you are required to pay, and that is very less as compared to others in the market. If you are impulsive here, do not check the details and make the choice, then you are making a big mistake here. Instead you need to be more careful, and think why the car rental in Melbourne, Australia company is charging so less. If you will read further details you will probably find the traps, clauses mentioning how the whole thing works, and how you are charged additional for everything additional.

For example many have a “fuel empty” policy, where you pay for full tank fuel, and are not refunded if in case you were not able to return the vehicle empty. Here is where you lose your money, while you paid for full tank fuel, you always get to use little less, as you would not want to run out of fuel midway to your destination. Check for similar other clauses when opting for reasonably priced corporate car lease in Melbourne and save yourself from paying much more than the actual quote.

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